Opinion piece “tunnel vision of German foreign policy”

In the German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” our President Andreas Scheuer on German tunnel vision in foreign policy.

In it he pointed out how the current threat from Russia as well as changes in the Indo-Pacific region pose new challenges for us. They necessitate joint action together with our partners. Different to Washington this hasn’t been fully realised in Berlin so far and too often Germany is missing from important debates, risking its position as an active force to shape issues.

The devastating outbreak of war in Europe does not only leave us with overturned orthodoxy and a weakened international order but also with, yet again, a shift in focus from Asia towards issues closer to home.

Andreas Scheuer takes a critical view of the apparent lack of insight we currently hold into both conflicts as well dependencies within and vis-a-vis Asia. Notwithstanding conclusions and policy actions.

The best way to deal with this is by creating and furthering stable partnerships based on shared values between countries of Asia and Europe. Because only together can we achieve a safe and prosperous future for all. That is is what the Asienbruecke aims for, that is our goal.

Here the article in German